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Great experience buying my first car! I'm 18 and don't know very much at all about buying cars so my dad went with me and helped me out . It was an easy process and enjoyable experience. They are an honest place with honest people that know the value of integrity and business . My dad was able to inspect the car before hand and I was able to test drive it with my dad although I only have my permit. They have a website that is very informational and helpful as far as images and facts about their inventory go. 10/10 recommend for affordable cars for people with little to many years of experience driving. Prior to the sale of my 99 Camry , Phat made a few quick fixes considerately. He knows what he is doing (: Scott is a lovely salesman. He and Phat are great at what they do !

Gabby V.

The wife was in the market for a car. We happened to drive by Phat's a few times, occasionally window shopping. When we finally had the money we decided to go in after looking at his inventory online. My wife was looking at Venza that he had on the website and as we walked onto the lot noticed a slightly older Lexus RX400h. Phat came out and helped us personally. He is the owner as well as the technician that works on the cars to get them ready for sale. (Turns out he was a Toyota Master Technician for a local dealer.) Asked us what we were looking for and grabbed the keys to the Lexus and the Venza. On the test drives he told us to take our time and take a as long of a test drive that we wanted. Never once did we feel pressured or rushed, even though he had a few people waiting. My wife settled on the Lexus and we sat down with Phat. He showed us similar inventory at other small dealers, as well as the Carfax report. He found a similar vehicle online and told us he would not be beat. He gave us the out the door price and it was on!! We returned about an hour later with the cashiers check in hand. At that time Scott took over (Phat was at lunch). Scott got all the paperwork ready for sale, showed us what we were paying for the car, license fees and sales tax. Got the Report of Sale in the window and off we went, after we said thank you to Phat of course, he had just returned from lunch. I would recommend, to any of you looking for a great used car that is well inspected, to go see Phat and Scott. You will be well taken care of.

Tony C.

Great deals and great service!! Bought my 4Runner from Phat the owner , very happy with my new car. Battery went dead after a week, However Phat went put of his way to personally install a new battery at no charge !! Can u Believe that!! Now that's service People!!! Go see Phats auto if you looking for a car.

Piercd R.

I got a great deal on a Lexus GS 300 from Phat's Auto a month ago. Phat and Scott were very professional and honest. Car runs great. Thanks Phat.

Sean H.

I wanted to let the world know about the wonderful car buying experience I had. I've been in the market for a Mazda Mx-5 (Miata) for over a year now. Using the cars.com app, I found a 1991 with just 80,000 miles at in my price range. I saw that the seller of the vehicle was Phat's Auto so I checked them out on yelp. They were 5 star with 29 reviews, woohoo! So I called Phat's Auto and made a same day appointment to see the vehicle. When I got there I was greeted by Phat. He was very friendly and knowledgeable and was the one who actually had works on the cars. His genuine friendliness and honest was what sealed the deal from me. If you are sick are the typical used car experience, I highly recommend you check out Phat's Auto. I give them an A+ for service and an A++ for prices 🙂

Andy A.

I bought a car here @ phat's about a 1-2 months ago and can say so far the car is running smoothly and i got it at a GREAT price. When we first came here we were kind of skeptical as we are in all used car dealership. This would actually be the first used car I ever bought, so i was a little worrisome, but Phat put that all to rest. He showed me everything I needed to see to make sure I had no problems. They also brought the car to a local mechanic to get it checked out and anything that was a problem he fixed before selling me the car. I would highly recommend this place for anything that is looking for a good deal without getting ripped off.

Benson I.

Probably the only place where I didn't get any hassle or pressure to buy a car. Went in there and spoke to Phat. He gave me a great deal on a Lexus which I later drove home. 1 month later the car is still in great shape with zero issues. I will definitely be buying another car from there again.

Wilson V.

I blew out my tire coming from Phoenix (the desert is dangerous) and needed a repair. I went to Phat from a recommendation and I couldn't be happier. The owner, Phat, is a certified Master mechanic at Toyota, and he has done more work in 20 minutes than any Toyota chain the last 20 years. Not only did he find the hole in 2 minutes, he even took the tire apart to inspect the inside of the tire. He even inspected my spare tire, and told me that the guys at Toyota completely missed the pressure! Talk about having my mind blown from an actual inspection. I will definitely return to his shop to get my car fixed. His used car prices are also insanely cheap and affordable. While waiting around the shop, I looked at his car prices and saw prices nearly 1/2 off from what you normally see at a regular dealership. I'm even comparing it to the used prices at most stores. This is a great place that earned a new customer for life.

Kenny W.

Phats auto group is amazing! They are very easy to work with and very pleasant to talk to. I met Phat and he is very honest and transparent about the cars mechanics. He allowed me to inspect the car while on the lift and allowed me to test drive the car for as long as I liked. He was even considerate enough to fix some issues for me prior to sale. Scott is the guy running the numbers for me and he made it very easy for me to settle with the price I wanted. Scott gave me the CarFaxand ran numbers for me and did not hassle me at all. By far the best dealership experience ever. I would definitely recommend this auto dealership to anyone looking for an honest transaction and a reliable and safe vehicle to purchase.

Loyd M.

Awesome used car dealership! Phat and Scott were both very helpful. I went in with a budget and found a car similar to my previous car. Phat went over the mechanical stuff, and Scott went over the numbers. The whole process went smoothly. I would definitely recommend Phat's Auto Group for anyone looking for a used car.

Seng N.

My Daughter purchased her first car from this dealership. Scott is such a great salesman. Very professional. We didn't feel rushed or pressured to buy car. Our mechanic said the car was in excellent condition. Thank you to Phat and Scott for making my daughters first car purchase an enjoyable experience!

Kurt S.

Phat's Auto Group has a great selection of previously owned cars. Purchased a Prius a couple years ago and it is still going strong. GREAT PRICE!!! Phat is honest and friendly. This dealership is highly recommended!

Diana W.

I love to buy car here good customer services that what we need good deal for use car they will take care of you so don't worry when you buy car here I will return buy new car for my why next time.

Vivian N.

I recently bought a 2010 Toyota Prius from Phat and Scott and like the other reviews say, I couldn't be happier. The process was stress-free and they were both very friendly and professional. Phat takes pride in his business and it shows through the quality of cars he has on his lot. Scott is patient, accommodating, and gets right down to business with the paperwork. Having never purchased a used car before, they were very informative and explained everything about the process and about the car itself. Thanks Phat's Auto Group!

E C.

Was looking for a used car a few months ago and found a car that I liked. We tried to work out something, Phat addressed all the issues but it was still over my budget so I had to pass. I went to a few other dealers and non of them were up to par. A few months later I saw a car that I liked at Phat's auto. Took it to a local mechanic no problems. So I purchased it. He even replaced things that were cosmetic after I bought the car with OEM parts not after market. This is my new used car dealer.

Jekk J.

Just bought this Lexus and it was the easiest car purchase I've ever made! Phat was so sweet and easy to work with. We looked at a couple different cars, he was very patient and thoroughly answered all our questions. He even brought up in the internet the same car with similar mileage and beat their price!!! I highly recommend this place!

Sandra C.

**Update: 11/11/17** Car is still running great and still happy with my purchase almost two years later. Haven't experienced any issues. I think the car will last me a couple of more years before I get a new one. **Original review: 8/2/16** I bought a used 2005 Prius in December 2015 and it was such an easy, no pressure experience. Phat and Scott were transparent about the state of the car and made sure I knew as much as they knew about the car. I feel confident in the reliability of the car and trust Phat's years of experience as a master technician. This is a place owned and run by someone who knows and works with cars, not just some business-type salesperson. It's been over half a year and the car is running great. I highly recommend these guys.

Winnie W.

Bought a 2002 4Runner from Phat's. No regrets. Vehicle was in great shape. They make sure to repair any issues with the vehicles before selling them. Very friendly service. I have recommended several family members and friends to buy vehicles, all completely satisfied. Definitely an A+

Arnulfo M.

I've been to many car dealerships recently, both big and small, looking for a used second car. I must say that Phat's was one of the best. He had many nice vehicles to choose from and hes a certified mechanic who's checked each one out. He can tell you about the condition and repairs of each car. He's great about letting you test drive his cars and encourages second opinions. He's down to earth and easy to talk with. I was actually disappointed not to buy from him, but I found a closer fit to the year, make and model I wanted somewhere else. It's definitely worth taking a look at Phat's Auto Group.

Brian B.

Phat has gone above and beyond my expectations. And I still own the 1st car I ever bought from him. Runs great and I never made a better choice. If anyone is trying to buy a vehicle I most certainly and always tell them to go to Phats. Great place to buy!!!

Manny M.